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Concierge Psychiatry services offered in Ann Arbor MI

When you're tired of spending more time in the waiting room than with your provider, or it takes months to schedule an appointment, it's time to consider concierge psychiatry. At the ADHD Institute of Michigan, Sarang Patel, PA-C, and Taylor Hennrick, PA-C, offer concierge psychiatry that gives you same-day access to exceptional mental health care and allows for personalized treatment that doesn't require approval from insurance providers. To learn more about concierge psychiatry, call the office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, or schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment online today.

Concierge Psychiatry Q & A

What is concierge psychiatry?

Concierge psychiatry gives you dedicated access to the team at the ADHD Institute of Michigan. That means you can contact your provider and get the mental health care you need when you need it.

With concierge services, you don't need to wait weeks for the next appointment. You can schedule a same-day meeting, and the team offers evening and weekend appointments.

As part of your concierge psychiatry, you also have the option of choosing an appointment that fits your schedule. You can meet with your provider in person, by telephone, or via an online video conference.

You can also count on appointments that last long enough to genuinely communicate with your provider, talk about your symptoms and concerns, and receive customized treatment.

What are the advantages of concierge psychiatry?

Beyond not waiting for appointments, concierge psychiatry offers another important advantage: You and your provider determine your treatment, not a third party. You can make the best decision about your care without worrying about what an insurance provider may or may not approve.

Another advantage of the concierge model is that you have better privacy and confidentiality. Your provider doesn't need to release information about your diagnosis, symptoms, and progress to an insurance company or third party.

What services are available through concierge psychiatry?

The ADHD Institute of Michigan provides comprehensive mental health services through concierge psychiatry. That includes initial consultations, psychological evaluations, medication management, psychotherapy, mental health education, and support for your family when needed.

When you choose concierge psychiatry, you gain a trusted partner who takes the time to understand all the aspects of your life impacting your mental health. Your provider works with you to develop treatment goals and create customized treatment plans that restore your health and wellness.

How does concierge psychiatry work?

The team at the ADHD Institute of Michigan has a fee schedule that guarantees a specific level of service for a set cost. You don't need to worry about hidden or inflated expenses, and your provider works with you to provide care at a pace that meets your mental health needs and your budget.

To learn more about concierge psychiatry, call the ADHD Institute of Michigan or schedule an appointment online today.

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